Just four more days to register – don’t miss out on a really fun time! To all the filmmakers who have signed up, returning and new, we look forward to seeing you Wednesday night, 7/11, at 7 pm (doors open 6:30) to pick up the prop and get the low-down on the rules. Also, thanks to City Paper for making 29 Days one of their film picks and giving us a nice little write up (and a cool online screenshot of runner up Escape Reality Productions’s “Only”) in their calendar section:


In 28 Days Later, the film’s protagonist Jim (Cillian Murphy) wakes up four weeks after a virus experimentation has gone horribly wrong, turning almost all of England into dead people or zombies (although we guess zombies are dead people too). He finds a small group of survivors and battles for his life, cornered between the brain-hungry super-corpses and the heartless, woman-hungry military officers still alive and still not zombies. Anyway, we can certainly picture the 29 Days Later film project being just as epic, as Baltimore filmmakers race throughout the city for almost the next month making their shorts for the August deadline. Films must include the prop that teams receive tonight, and the finished products must be dropped off by 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 9. (Kevin Breen)

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