Please save the dates for our Sixth Annual 29 Days Later Film Project! Kick off is on Wednesday, July 16; drop off is on Thursday, August 14. Screenings are on Sept. 4 & 5. All happening at the Creative Alliance again in Baltimore. Can’t wait!!

And for those who missed last year’s awards presentation, a long overdue congratulations to our top five 2013 winners:

  • What Did I Miss? – Star Wipe Films (Grand Prize winner; Group A winner)
  • Sweet Lips – Charm City DSLR Film Makers (Second Place Overall)
  • Cabinet – Carpathian Punch Factory (Third Place Overall)
  • Conlaed – Continuity Pictures (Fourth Place Overall; Group B winner)
  • Kiss of the Oven Mitt Strangler – Yellow Door Gang/Charm City DSLR Film Makers Team II (Fifth Place Overall)

More announcements coming soon. Looking forward to a wonderful 2014!!

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  1. thatguyzeb says:

    Hey guys,

    When can we find out the rest of the information and register?


  2. Hello fellow film fiends, What are the rules for music in the film?

    • Dawn & Dean says:

      Hello, good question – feel free to use whatever music you’d like! If you decide to submit to film festivals or your film is picked up for distribution, keep in mind you may have to change it if it violates any copyright laws. If it’s a local or indie band, please try to obtain permission if possible and also be sure to properly credit their music. We’re not here to police you on what music you can or cannot use. 🙂

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