A is for Z - Plaskett Forest Films-1Tonight, Sept. 3, is the night to see more than a dozen great premieres from local filmmakers including our first 3D film! Aliens, spaceships, zombies, animation on the high seas, bands, mud people, burger chefs, weather reports, summer camp, War of the Worlds, Australia, interventions — we’ve got it all!

Tickets are still available online (no surcharge!) or at the door. Doors open at 6:30; program starts at 7:30!

Here is the lineup for Group A in alphabetical order:

  • A is for Z – Plaskett Forest Films
  • Cargoship Kim – Actors with Strings
  • Dreaming – Falling Three Stories
  • Dreamland Lodge – Carl’s Basement Productions
  • Good Enough – Reality Factory
  • Jibber Jabber – Bladder Productions
  • The Inheritance – Maxstone Media
  • My Life – Amaris Films
  • Screaming Babies Summer Camp – Burnt Toast Productions
  • Smoke Signal – Visibly Shaken Productions/Yellow Sign Theatre
  • Syncopation – ProZach Productions
  • WRKV Extreme Total Intervention Makeover – RKV Productions

And if you can’t make tonight, just a reminder we have a Friday screening group, too. We hope to see you soon!

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