2016 Teams

A sold-out 29 Days Later screening at the Creative Alliance.

A sold-out 29 Days Later screening at the Creative Alliance.

Support local filmmakers and see more than a dozen original shorts each night that were made in 29 days using this year’s prop – a flashlight! Awards announced on Friday night. Click here to get tickets!

Thursday, September 22, 7:30 pm

–Actors with Strings, Mark McKinney
–Bladder Productions, Stephen Decubellis
–Bright Boy Alert, Eric Chang
–Carl’s Basement Productions, Carl Stevens
–Carpathian Punch Factory, Bob Rose
–CSM, Charles Stone
–Curioso Films, Christopher Scarborough
–Dylan and Pretty Boy, Robert Hampson
–Falling Three Stories, Dawn Campbell
–Miss Ash Productions, Ashleigh Coffelt
–NotJustAnotherState, Christopher Rooney
–Plaskett Forest Films, Ernest Hampson
–Visibly Shaken Productions, Shelly Burke

Friday, September 23, 7:30 pm

–ActinDude Productions, Brian Reynolds
–Barkinglips, Linda Franklin
–Burnt Toast Productions, Donna Bair
–Continuity Pictures, Derek Thomas
–Dropped Frames, Brad Tehaan
–Elaborado A Mano, Hiro Amano & Tyler Block
–Grand Theft Xylophone, Lyle Drescher
–GreenRobe Productions, Julia Myers
–Lone Wolf, Cisco Davis
–Mapleway, Edmund Curran
–Plan 9 Productions, Alan Binstock
–Running Storm Productions, Dean Storm
–Twelvesteed Productions, Joe Cardamone


(l to r) Founding sponsors Michelle Farrell (RIP) of Absolute Independent Pictures and Craig Herron of Herron Designs with 29 Days Later Participants.

Click here to see our fabulous 29 Days Later sponsors:


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