About 29 Days Later
Dawn Campbell and Dean Storm are two Baltimore independent filmmakers who were looking for a little motivation. After competing separately in three 48-hour competitions, they realized that although they loved the thrill of making a film in 48 hours, the quick turnaround  required a high-level of expertise to make a truly polished product, especially for beginning and intermediate filmmakers.

After taking a comprehensive Saturday Film Class taught by Director of Photography Michelle Farrell, they set out to create a film project for their fellow classmates and friends that would encourage filmmakers to get their ideas to screen in a way that didn’t require large doses of caffeine and all-nighters. Both fans of horror and action films, they finally settled on the 29 Days Later Film Project as an homage to the great zombie movie 28 Days Later (note: their project is not affiliated with this film in any way).

Dawn and Dean’s goal is to provide a fun competition and screening for filmmakers of all abilities. It is their hope that this contest produces a number of entries that are fit for film festivals and even possible distribution. Fillmmakers who participate will retain the rights to their films.

About Dawn:
Dawn Campbell (Falling Three Stories) won first prize for her music video Friday the Thirteenth in the Vincent Minor video music contest. Her short film Ballbusters won second place at the Hampden Film Festival. Dawn was the director of photography and co-editor for CAmm Slam’s 2010 first place film Goody Two Shoes, and also director of photography and co-director for Midnight Snack which was a finalist in the Baltimore Sun’s 2011 2-min shorts competition. Dawn’s short animated Band-Aid commercial was the runner-up in the 2008 WildPitch.tv competition, which led to her producing a short viral ad for Kimochis toys. Dawn was also one of the community award winners in the 2009 HP You on You video contest.

About Dean:
Dean Storm (Running Storm Productions) enjoys making mostly quirky comedies and has written and directed more than a dozen short films. His latest film was entitled The Further Adventures of Beef Lo Mein, about a man who thinks he is a 70s action hero. His film the spider and the butterfly was named a finalist for the Baltimore Sun’s 2011 2-min shorts competition. Time in a Trashcan won audience favorite at the 2010 Baltimore 48 hour film project. A Much Needed Change, written by Thurston Cobb, won 2nd place at the 2009 Camm Slam and Dean’s first film, Attack of the Killer Duct Tape, was a Santa Fe Film Festival selection. Dean also wrote and directed Cruel Yule, Poocasso, Earth Day, Alive and Broken Wings.

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