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Please support our awesome 29 Days Later sponsors who can help you create or show your next indie masterpiece at very reasonable rates:

Craig Dayton - Film Composer logo

Craig William Dayton is an easy-to-work-with, award-winning film composer. He has scored over 40 films for directors within the US and UK, including “Mob on the Run,” starring Joe D’Onofrio (“Good Fellas,” “A Bronx Tale”). His music is varied and he can write nearly anything. Contact this long-time sponsor and 29 Days Later friend to see if he’s the right fit for your next film.


Herron Designs – Craig Herron of Herron Designs combines traditional art with digital art as Production Designer, Matte painter and Visual Effects artist. He has been with 29 Days Later since the very beginning and worked on productions of all sizes. Contact him if you need help with amazing visual effects at a reasonable price for your next film!

Creative Alliance logo

Creative Alliance – 29 Days Later has screened at the Creative Alliance every year and they are wonderful hosts! Screen your film; take film workshops and attend cool film screenings and events! Become a member today and get member discounts on nearly all events, including 29 Days Later screenings!


Get your 29 Days Later merchandise here!

Get your 29 Days Later merchandise here!

Show your 29 Days Later pride! Men’s t-shirts. Ladies’ t-shirts. Tank tops. In a whole bunch of colors. Silk-screened by hand at a fair price. Shirts are made by alternative apparel and are 100% cotton. They are a thinner weight fabric and they run just a tad bit small. Check ’em out!

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  1. P. Meyers says:

    Is there a place to ‘register’ if you are an actor that would like to be on a team? 48HR has a database. Do you have something similar?

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