2009 Teams

These teams made history as the first ever teams to participate in 29 Days Later. They will always hold a special place in our hearts. Congrats to all of the filmmakers!

Sutisa displays the prop for the first 29 Days Later

Sutisa displays the prop for the first 29 Days Later

Dawn Campbell, Falling Three Stories
Jeanie Clark, Steel Corset Productions (Winner)
Stephen DeCubellis, Bladder Productions
Andrew Felix, Linkwater Films
Aphrodite Lee, Chick Flicks Productions
Skyler Marshall, Society’s Children Productions
Virginia Ryker, Sleep Apnea (Third Place; Best Cinematography)
David Sarmiento, Spherical Maze Studios
Jon Schaumburg, Mobtelevision (Runner up; Best Actor, Wes Throneberry)
Jorge Schmidt, General Admission Films (Best Actress, Elicia Moran)
Dean Storm, Running Storm Productions
Marlene Zechman, Zany Zone Productions (Best Use of Prop)

The inaugural 29 Days Later crew.

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