2018 Teams

Screening Group A – Friday, November 9, 7:30 pm

  • Running Storm Productions (Dean Storm), Valley Girls in Jeopardy
  • Octopus in a Box Productions (June Keating), The Magic of Reynolds
  • Bladder Productions (Stephen DeCubellis), Lost Diamonds of Pirate Cove
  • TheCMR (Christopher Rooney), The Evangelical States of Amercia
  • Oh Man, It’s Joel Productions (Joel Gerlach); Peanut Butter, CD-Rs, and Vomiting Services
  • Plaskett Forest Films (Ernest Hampson), Finger Flinger
  • Actors with Strings (Mark McKinney), Foiled
  • ActinDude Productions (Brian Reynolds), Freezer Burn – Group A Winner; Fifth Place Overall
  • RKV Productions (Victor Acord), Chatter
  • The Sodamilk Team (w/Bob Rose), World Theatrical Premiere of a Sodamilk episode

Screening Group B – Friday, November 9, 9:15 pm

  • Running Storm Productions (Dean Storm), Valley Girls in Jeopardy (encore screening)
  • Bright Boy Alert (Eric Chang), Yetzer
  • DarkVoid productions (Jason Torres), Fractured
  • Arc Flash Films (Edmund Curran); All Along, the Watchtower
  • Die in a Fire (Jenny Mettee), Utter Apprehension
  • Chuck Stone Media (Charles Stone), Coffee Talk – Third Place Overall
  • Curioso Films (Christopher Scarborough), Site 78
  • Lone Wolf Studios (Cisco Davis, Jr.), Don’t Eat Me – Grand Prize Winner; Group B Winner
  • Twelvesteed (Joseph Cardamone), A Regular October – Fourth Place Overall
  • Dropped Frames (Brad Tehaan), Munchies with Marie Mae – Second Place Overall