So at long last, the big kick off party is tonight! The mystery prop has been selected and is locked up under tight 24 hour security. Dropped Frames, you will not being stealing our prop in advance this year! (see their top five heist film “Day Zero” from last year below.) We look forward to seeing at least one representative from each team as required by the rules, but all team members, as well as the public and any cast and crew looking to join a team are welcome to attend the event and network. The cash bar will be open from 6:30 to 9 pm and the prop and rules will be explained at approximately 7:30.

If you’re a last-minute type of person, you can register online here today or at the door. If at the door, please bring cash or a check.

Hard to believe that what once started out as a little friendly competition among friends is fast becoming a Baltimore tradition. We can’t thank the filmmakers, sponsors and audiences enough for helping us to keep this festival going strong.

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