29 Days Later 2014 Group B filmmakers  photo

29 Days Later 2014 Group B filmmakers represent!

Mark your calendars! The 7th Annual 29 Days Later Film Project is set to kick off on Wednesday, July 15, 2015 in Baltimore with films due on Thursday, August 13. We are shooting for screenings in late August/early September and registration will be available soon.

Also, a long overdue congrats to the top five finishers last year:

  • Charm City’s Finest – Lone Wolf (Grand Prize winner; Group B winner)
  • Waiting Room – Dropped Frames (Second Place Overall)
  • Smoke Signal – Visibly Shaken Productions/Yellow Sign Theatre (Third Place Overall; Group A winner)
  • The Bus To Paradise – Yellow Door Gang (Fourth Place Overall)
  • A Passion for Espionage – Grand Theft Xylophone Films (Fifth Place Overall)

Congratulations to ALL of the nearly 30 filmmakers who did such a wonderful job. Looking forward to another fun year. Stay tuned for more details!

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  1. Aphrodite Lee says:

    looking forward to this year!

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