Congratulations to all of the filmmakers who did an amazing job this year – we were blown away by the quality of the films! Also thanks to our judges, sponsors and all who came out to see the screenings and support local indie filmmaking. Here are the winners from each screening group – each received a trophy and a $150 cash prize:

Screening Group A: A Fine Young Lad from Glasgow by Carl’s Basement
Screening Group B: Poetry Betwixt Friendship by Carpathian Punch Factory
Screening Group C: Crystal Meth by Plaskett Forest Films

Below are the top five films that will screen at the October 1 Cine Salon at the Creative Alliance. The top three will be presented with awards donated by our sponsors Absolute Independent Pictures, Herron Designs and Craig William Dayton. (Note: Announcement will be made online 8/29; films are currently in alphabetical order and do not necessarily reflect final order of finish).

Day Zero – Dropped Frames
A Fine Young Lad from Glasgow – Carl’s Basement
Go DJ – B-side Media Arts
Poetry Betwixt Friendship – Carpathian Punch Factory
Yellow Jacket – Star Wipe Films

These films scored the highest combined points from our three judges for the entire festival. Please note that late films were not eligible for this list. Stay tuned for Wednesday’s big announcement!

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